Fallout 76 – how to save game state

Recent installments of the Fallout series taught us that at any time – even on consoles – we could save the status of the game by selecting the appropriate option in the menu.

Thanks to this, you can afford various experiments and risky activities. When something went wrong, it was enough to load a save made a few minutes ago, and the problem disappeared. The last part looks different. Here we explain how to save your game in Fallout 76.

Automatic recording

Fallout 76 only offers one option for saving game status, and that is auto-save. This decision was introduced due to the fact that we are not dealing with a single-player game and we play online.

If we don’t have our own base, after shutting down the game or after dying, we usually spawn in close proximity to where we were before exiting or dying.

Even when we create our first CAMP database, this will not mean that we will have access to another form of entry. When we leave and complete various missions and then exit the game, we will still respawn where the character was when we turned off Fallout 76 – or at least in the same place.

It’s worth remembering. The absence of manual save options means fewer opportunities for risky and crazy actions, but on the other hand, this puts a little more responsibility on the players for their actions – which is very important in a game in which we meet with other players.


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