Fallout 76: What happens when you die

Many people want to know what happens after death? Beginners to play Fallout 76, this thought also haunts. In most other games, character death means that the player has to go back to the previous save point and start over, but Fallout 76 is a world that is always online, so the mechanics of death itself work a little differently here.

Death and rebirth in Fallout 76

Unlike previous Fallout games, death in Fallout 76 does not return the player to the previous checkpoint or save location. Here you simply respawn a short distance from where you just died. The only thing that you temporarily lose after your death is a certain amount of your not very valuable junk, which falls at the place of your death and remains there in a paper bag.

Due to the fact that the deceased player appears at a relatively short distance from the place of death, it remains possible to return to this point and pick up lost items. In fact, this is the only minus of death in Fallout 76. You do not lose valuable things, you just need to go back and pick up the dropped trash.

However, do not forget that things lost after death are the same game items as any other. They are part of the game world, which means that other players can pick up your paper bag at any time. Depending on whether you need all this rubbish, its loss can be both significant and not so much.

Help for players

Before death finally overtakes the character and throws him back to safety, it is possible to revive (help up) your teammate or random stranger who has received critical damage. The game has a short “bleed out” period where you can literally drag the player out of the world.

It always makes sense to help a fallen comrade get up, if only because the strength of your team lies in the number of players involved in it. Otherwise, you can very easily run into an insurmountable barrier of outnumbered Scorched.

Death in Fallout 76 doesn’t actually appear to be a big problem in the game. You just have to go back a few steps and pick up the dropped junk if you really need it. It is possible to avoid death altogether if there is a player nearby who will revive you, but in this case it is advisable to have an instant stimpack with you. Otherwise, you can very quickly be mortally wounded again. Now you know how to avoid death and what to do if it does overtake you. For an even better understanding of the mechanics of Fallout 76, check out our other guides on this exciting post-apocalyptic game.


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