Fans have relaunched the once closed strategy from Electronic Arts

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Electronic Arts’ strategy with elements of collectible card games called Battleforge was closed in 2009. However, not everyone liked the decision of a large company, and after a while, the revival of the project began with fans’ hands.

They made an official request to EA, and they gave the go-ahead for reproduction but asked to change the name. Since then, the “novelty” has been called Skylords Reborn and has been in development for about years. And now, finally, we can see the release version.

“There was a wipe in the game and it’s available now! Thank you all for your support over the past 5 years. Everyone who tested and helped find bugs was a huge help to this project. And the only reason why we have been able to keep the game in working order over the past years is the financial assistance of our patrons, ”the project’s website says.

To play Skylords Reborn, download the client from the game forum. Below you can see the release trailer.

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