Far Cry 4 – The Basics: Secret Items

You can buy cards from every merchant and every weapon cabinet from the outposts you have conquered.

During the game, you can find five types of collectibles. Four of them (letters, magazines, mani wheels, and posters) will be marked on your map when you buy a special map called “Kyrat Items”. Another thing is the location of the Yalung Masks, since the purchased map will only mark the approximate location of the mask that you are looking for.

Kirat is divided into four parts: the southern part, the central part, the northern part and the northeastern part. The Kyrat Items Map marks only the collectibles you can find in a particular area. For finding these objects, you will receive experience points, achievements and karma points or new weapons. Also, you need to complete the entire set if you want to reach 100% game completion. Cards will be 25% cheaper if you reach karma level 8.

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At the bottom of the map you can see your current coordinates.

In certain parts of this guide, you will find the coordinates (described as X, Y) associated with each collectible. To find out your current location, you need to enter the map menu, where you will find this information in the lower right corner of the screen.

Мохан  - ðšef

Mohan Gale’s Journal.

In Kyrat you can find 20 magazines that belong to your father. You can always access entries from found diaries in the collection menu. When you have collected all twenty, you will be able to read the history of your parents, as well as learn some information about Kyrat when the pagan Ming took control of the country. After you collect four magazines, you will unlock a unique weapon – 87.

Yalunga masks

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Look for masks in different, sometimes hard-to-reach places.

You need to find 55 masks. You can destroy them with a certain button or simply by shooting them with a weapon. When you get to the place where the mask is hidden, the area where you need to find it will be marked in blue on your mini-map. As you approach the mask, try to listen carefully to the music. The closer you are to the mask, the more accurate a particular sound sounds. After you destroy the 20th mask, you will unlock a unique weapon called the Trooper. After you destroy all 55 masks, you will receive an unlimited supply of Guns for Hire tokens.

Money Wheels

Мани  - ðšef

To “assemble” the wheel, you need to spin it. Just stand next to him and press the right button. For each spinning wheel you will receive karma points. In total, you can find 40 wheels in Kyrat.

Lost Letters

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Bags of lost letters are mostly hidden in caves. First you need to find the bag, and then you can get the letter. There are 20 letters in total.

propaganda posters

It's a breeze.  - ðšef

150 propaganda posters can be found in Kyrat. They are hidden in different places, but mostly on the walls of buildings. You can rip them out with a specific button or destroy them using, for example, a flamethrower. If you break even the first poster, you will unlock the Stormer weapon in stores. Breaking down the following posters will allow you to destroy enemy propaganda camps.


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