Far Cry 5 – All Survival Caches (Whitetail Mountain and Henbane River)

Mount Whitetail

1. Landfill

Required Skills:-

Recommended Skills: – Amphibian Man

Prizes: 3 talent points, cash


The cache is located in the southern part of the Whitetail Mountains, on the south side of a large lake and at the same time in the northwest of Holland Island. The cache is near the crashed plane. All treasures are in a box near the tent, and the key to open the cache is under water.

After we read the note, we jump into the lake and look for parts of the plane. On the surface they are marked with buoys.

Under water, we can find other parts of the plane with glowing green flashes. There we will find boxes with different materials, but the key is next to the body of the pilot in the farthest buoy. While not necessary, we recommend unlocking the Amphibian Man talent. After finding the key, all you need to do is return to the shore and calmly open the cache.

Henbein River

1. Dead Man’s Chest

Required Skills: – Cat

Recommended Skills:-

Most important prizes: 3 talent points, money


The cache is located in the central part of the region, east of the abode of Eden’s Gate, in the territory of the Faith zone. After clearing the area of ​​enemies, you will find a note in front of the building. The door of the mill will be closed, but if we go along the right wall we will get to the cave under the building.

Now just go inside and climb up. Attention! Skunks will jump out at you inside.

Inside the windmill you will find a cogwheel. Take her with you.

Now you need to go through the mill, and go to the pier to a small dam built over the waterfall. In the place indicated by the yellow marker, install the gear and start blocking the flow of water.

Now we can move to the opposite edge of the waterfall. There is a place for attaching a hook. We cling and go down the rope about halfway along the cliff.

There we will see a huge cave. We need to swing on the rope, let it go and land on the rocky passage in front of the cave. Now just go inside and take the cache.

2. The hoarder

Required Skills:-

Recommended Skills:-

Prizes: 3 talent points, money, bow


The cache can be found in the cabins at Silver Lake, in the northern part of the Vera region. And yes, we literally have to rummage through the dog pile. First, read the note that is next to the bulletin board. It turns out that the treasure is hidden in one of the three locked houses.

First you’ll have to kill the cultist trying to get in through the front locked door, then go up to the house and climb up the small scaffolding and smash the boarded-up window.

Inside we will see a dozen dogs. The key was eaten by one of them, but fortunately… it is in one of the piles. We’ll have to rummage around the piles scattered throughout the house. In each of them we can find an object or material, but in order not to be humiliated, go down to the bottom. There, in one of the heaps, we will find the key.

Then, on the right side, we go down the small stairs and get to the door, which we open with the found key. Now we can go to the house.

The first and third houses can be completely empty, and we will not find any useful items in them. Let’s go straight to the second one. That’s where the secret is.

3. Animal control

Required Skills: – Cat

Recommended Skills:-

Prizes: 3 talent points, money


This cache is located in the Howling Cave, in the northern part of the region, near the taxidermist’s workshop. On the road leading to the cave, there is a note to read.

Before entering, we will meet several cultists. Better kill them, you can also shoot at the cage with the wolf. Go further, there you will meet a couple of wolves.

Inside you will find a large hole. At the bottom there are 2 backpacks with supplies, but the main thing is to look to the left. There will be a place for which you can hook the hook.

Climbing up, we will see a small lake. Jump into it, and then go up to the shore and go further into the cave.

We will reach a crossroads, but both roads lead to a cave with a group of cultists. We can eliminate them quietly – it will be more convenient.

After clearing the area, you will see a helicopter on the left side of the rocky area. You can get there with a hook. The cache is located in the helicopter area. You can leave the cave by climbing up with a hook, or jump into a helicopter and fly away.

4. Grave of an angel

Required Skills: – Cat

Recommended Skills:-

Prizes: 3 talent points, cash


This cache is located in the central part of the Vera region, a little to the east. We must get to the Cave of the Horned Serpent. A note about the cache can be found at the entrance to the cave (you need to get rid of a few cultists), but the entrance itself is closed with bars, so you need to find an alternative way.

Look up, there will be a cat mount.

At the top, you must between the rocks and reach a crevice where two cultists drop the bodies. You must kill the enemies and then jump down.

After that, you must jump over to the other side and use the grappling hook to get even lower.

We need to use the hook to get to the other side.

Having reached the end of the corridor, you will need to kill two cultists, and the treasure will become ours. You can leave the cave through the grate, which was initially closed.


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