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Far Cry: Primal download torrent

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There is an opinion that the games of the Far Cry series, starting from the third or second part, are similar to each other, like drops of water. For each player, as you know, the truth is different, so we do not undertake to claim that this is true. But even if this is so, then a new part of this series has recently appeared, and it may surprise many. The fact is that the new game takes us to the Stone Age … This means: ten thousand years BC, the very “morning” of the development of mankind, huge extinct animals and the almost untouched, extremely dangerous nature of the surrounding world. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Therefore, we offer you download Far Cry: Primal via torrent. What can tell us the plot of such a game?

The plot of Far Cry: Primal

The Mesolithic era, its very beginning. The action takes place on the land of Urus (a fictional place). We are shown the daily life of one tribe that lives there. Their every day consists of a fierce struggle for the right to life, and they have to fight not only with wildlife, but also with each other. It is on conflicts and the desire to survive that this game is focused. The main character is the hunter Takkar. He is the only survivor of his tribe, which was brutally massacred by people from another tribe. In those days, there was a war between three human tribes, and the whole plot will be connected with them. Since he was left alone, he began to travel the land of the Urus in an effort to find the killers of his relatives and take revenge. Of course, the plot plot does not sound like something new and original at all. But perhaps this is quite understandable from the point of view of the setting. After all, in those days, really, there was nothing to do but the survival and development of crafts that directly ensured it. And revenge is a matter as old as the world itself. Therefore, in a sense, it is very logical that the plot is exactly like that. It is much more important what impression the gameplay leaves behind. Because it is he who is the engine of the game series.

Gameplay Far Cry: Primal

We all know that when it comes to Far Cry, then we are talking about something impressive, stylish, something that is fashionable and very desirable to play. If you try to put this game in a couple of words, it turns out that this is a huge sandbox with a detailed and well-designed world in which everything around is trying to kill you, and you are a kind of death machine, one of the most powerful in the entire game. So the new part has retained these main features. But what we need to thank her more for is that the degree of danger of the world surrounding the protagonist has increased several times. Saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, wolves, cave bears – shall we continue the list of those predators that you will meet? And yes, mammoths are not carnivores, but you should know from Skyrim that it’s better not to make them angry. And from history – that it was very, very difficult to hunt them. One of the best features of the new game can be considered hunting.

Hunting for giant mammoths, whose skin is difficult to break through, and they can crush in a matter of an instant. And how did our hero Takkar manage to survive so much time alone? .. You will find out more. Not only to hunt mammoths! If you decide download Far Cry: Primal for free on PC, then you better know about this game as much as possible. For example, the game includes the ability to play as a mammoth, but this will be difficult. Well, enough about mammoths. Let’s move on to other gameplay features. Soon, according to the plot, Takkar will stumble upon another tribe that will accept him into their ranks. Starting from here, a new side of the gameplay opens up for players. The main character will have to become a worthy member of the new tribe, live their daily life, help and fulfill their duties. In the end, he must become the leader of this tribe. But for this you will need to maintain good relations with all members of this tribe. It is worth saying that there will be conversations in this game – where would we be without them. But, as you know, they will look different. Firstly, the Proto-Indo-European language formed the basis of all dialogues. If you have ever studied linguistics, then you probably know that all languages ​​are divided into families according to one or another criterion of kinship, and it is believed that languages ​​in ancient times had a common ancestor, which seems impossible to restore due to too long a period of time and other factors. So, the Proto-Indo-European language is considered the ancestor of the Indo-European languages, which are common in Europe and India. Thus, we can state that the Urus is in Eurasia, and assume that somewhere in the areas of present-day Europe or India. Moreover, not on the same territory, because sometimes the main character finds himself in snowy lands (in such places he needs to make a fire, otherwise he will freeze to death) and in hot lands.

Returning back to the gameplay features, it must be said that the game has a crafting system. Naturally, primitive crafting, when the hero creates the most necessary tools for labor and murder, as well as clothes. The protagonist’s enemies vary from district to district. But not all animals are his enemies. One day you will be able to tame some animal, for example, an owl. The tame owl is an excellent scout with whom you will not get lost anywhere. In addition to the owl, it will be possible to tame someone scarier if you need additional protection or intimidation. This is a wolf, a bear and so on. Is it worth mentioning the graphics in a game like this one? She’s just on top, but here, as always, there is a problem with optimization. The maximum graphics settings, of course, will only go to owners of powerful computers, and more modest machines will have to lower the settings. This, of course, will not kill the image on the spot, but it’s still a shame (a little). However, even with low settings the game looks great. Nature – it is magnificent and incomparable in this game. And when else will you get a chance to look at the recreated nature of the early Stone Age? Immerse yourself in the primitive with this game and feel like a different person!

System requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only);
  • Intel Core i3-550, AMD Phenom II X4 955 or equivalent;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1 GB VRAM), AMD Radeon HD 5770 (1 GB VRAM) or equivalent;
  • 20 GB of hard disk space.


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