Far Cry Primal – How to Climb High Cliffs and Get Rare Eagle Feathers

Talk to Zhog in the village. When the man sees that you have found his claw, he will give you a quest that starts just north of the village of Indus. After starting the quest, look for the red hook icons above your head. How to use this invention, you already learned on the occasion of bringing pigs to the village when you left your cave in the cave.

image1 14 Far Cry Primal - How to Climb High Cliffs and Get Rare Eagle Feathers

Get as close to the red icon as you can before launching the hook.

The path to the rock leads not only vertically, but also horizontally. If none of the anchor points are within your reach, look out for climbing plants hanging from the walls. After this herb, you can advance to a higher level. You can also find more difficult moments.

These include built-in points that are close together, between which you will have to swing on a rope. When joining the first point, adjust the length of the rope so that you are almost touching the ground and use the left analog to start swinging, all the while looking at the next point to be hooked.

At some point, for a very short moment, a button will be shown that is responsible for attaching to such a place. You must then hold it down to continue. While this treatment may seem risky, you should not be threatened unless you intentionally disable it from the start.

The higher you are, the greater the risk of being attacked by eagles that have many nests. If you hear them squeak or on the minimap, you will notice a fast approaching red object, turn in that direction and use the stick.

Hitting a bird is quite difficult, but not impossible. In turn, without being attacked, just ignore the eagles. Shooting them with a bow is a waste of arrows, although yes, you can kill a bird that way.

At the end you will reach an abandoned old tree. Get through it and climb the vines to the next level. Then walk along the rock wall until you notice another place where you can use the climbing device.

After a moment, you will find the first eagle feathers.

Here you will find the first of four rare feathers. After you have taken them, remember that an eagle can attack you, so look up from time to time as a preventive measure, always ready with a club. The spear is not as effective against these large birds.

Look around again for another place to catch yourself. After reaching the next level, go to the next fallen tree and jump between the rock ledges towards the climbing plants. You should join it automatically. Swing between the two latch points and gradually move up. After a moment, you will notice the next nest and the second of four feathers.

Access to the last two handles is thankfully much easier. Climb to the top of the cliff and take the feathers from the nest at the end of the fallen tree and from the last spot west of the previous one.

Be careful not to fall prematurely where you started your mission – you will die.

After collecting four rare feathers, you will need to perform a similar maneuver to jump over a faith known from the Assassin’s Creed series. The difference is that instead of kicking the hay, you will be jumping into the water. Run up from the nest tree and jump out. After landing in the water, the mission will end.


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