Far Cry Primal – How to convince Karuz to live in the village and save the wounded hunter in the cave?

We call on another hero to “live” in our village. This time it’s the warrior Karus, who can be found northeast of our camp and north of Yogi’s Cave. Talk to him to start the quest.

He will be rewarded with powerful destruction skills and better quality spears. However, this will require a lot of bloodshed. Follow Karus to a makeshift camp where you will fight several opponents. Pay close attention to the stone ledges, where enemies can also spawn.

image1 26 Far Cry Primal - How to convince Karuz to live in the village and save the wounded hunter in the cave?

Also, look at the minimap often, because it is thanks to it that you can see where the largest number of enemies are coming from. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised. When you kill a certain number of enemies, you must move three of their bodies into the fire. Then the second part of the task will begin.

Look around all the time and focus on the enemies on the stone shelves. They will shoot arrows, throw spears and poison bombs, thus creating the greatest threat. Your task is to kill all the enemies without letting Karus die. The status bar will be visible at the top of the screen.

Once the entire threat is eliminated, the mission will end and Karus will join your village. After one more task, it is worth returning to the village. You can use fast travel.

Talk to Sayla, who will lead you to the next task. The point is close to the beginning of the previous mission, the Companion needs help. Approach the animal’s body to learn about a new mission. After accepting it, follow the red footprints visible in hunter’s view. This way you will reach the cave.

Follow the footsteps all the time until you reach a place where a wild cat can roam. At this point, your tamed pet will certainly be useful in that you can give the order to attack. Use ignited arrows, they will be very effective for this type of threat.

After the cave, move slowly and without fire, so as not to attract the attention of animals.

At the end, you will reach a large pool of blood, next to which there is a small passage in the rock. It contains an injured hunter named Shindsha. Talk to him. He will ask you about healing plants. Share items with him, and then kill two wild cats, thereby eliminating the threat in the cave. Return to the hunter and talk to him to complete the current task. You will receive a new villager and some experience points.


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