Far Cry Primal – How to get Daha from the Udam tribe to the village?

Go to the far northeast where you will find Big Tree Fort. This is a heavily defended camp of the Udam tribe. If you get rid of all your opponents, you will bring a savage named Da to the village. It will be difficult to kill all the enemies here, and we do not recommend taking this mission at the very beginning of the game.

Expand the character, skills of owls and make sure you have a tamed animal, and only then go hunting in the cold north. When you get to the entrance to the camp, look a little to the left, preferably using the hunter’s vision. There you will find vines, after which you can advance to a higher level and surprise your opponents effectively from there.

Climb to the upper level and try to hide.

Before the start of the battle, it is worth noticing all the enemies in sight or using an owl. Hide in the bushes to make it harder to notice and kill mostly those enemies that have a corner icon above their heads. It is they who can warn others and call for reinforcements.

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Be sure to look out for the higher levels, mostly the ones where you can use the hook to hook. From such places, you can quickly neutralize opponents with the help of the corner icon, as well as the bomb icon, which is very plentiful here and can quickly poison you. Kill them first.

Keep looking, you never know where the enemy is.

If you’re unlucky and the alarm went off, expect your enemies to be from absolutely every direction. It will be difficult, but not impossible, to repel their attack. The point is to stay on the run and hide in the bushes or behind different covers, which will increase your chances of confusing the enemies.

After killing everyone, you will meet with Da, who from now on will call you mean. So they are called “Hindu” tribe Udam. It is true that the savage will want you to kill him, but of course you will give him life. Unfortunately, bringing him back to the village will send him to a “jail” or a makeshift wooden cage.

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You start this mission by talking to Jaya in the village. Point you to the southeast, right under the big reservoir, go there. You will start the quest with the remains of an old tree. Your goal is to hunt down the powerful mammoth with Jaya’s hunters. Go to their hunting grounds – characteristic stone circles with an altar in the middle.

Indian hunting grounds.

Once you get there, talk to the leader of the hunters. He will show you the place of existence of the mammoth. Go there and seduce the animal to the place where the hunters will be waiting. To do this, simply attack the mammoth from a distance, preferably with a bow, and run towards the stone circles.

Try to stay behind cover at all times.

The key to success in the fight against the mammoth will be the use of firearms, as well as being behind a large obstacle, for which he will make an excellent altar in the center of the square. Gradually attack the mammoth, all the while controlling your health level. If necessary, heal and fight until the great animal falls. Then the mission will automatically end.

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