Far Cry Primal – What are the three tabs from the game menu for?

image2 81 Far Cry Primal - What are the three tabs from the game menu for?

The Village tab, the fourth in the game menu, contains nine icons representing most of the key people in your village. Of course, you only have access to them when you convince them to live in your settlement, which you will do in one of the early stages of the main game stream.

Turning to one of the characters, you will notice his place of residence, a hut or a cave. In order to create or improve them, you always need certain components, which you see on the right side of the screen, at the bottom. For each expansion of a hut or cave, you will receive prizes in the form of experience points, useful items, or an increase in the population of the village.

Village window, where you can find information about the level of improvement of someone’s hut.

The last icon is the population of the Indian tribe, or in short, the number of inhabitants in your settlement. Reaching each subsequent level of the number of tribesmen will unlock additional prizes, mainly in the form of items sent daily to the prize store.


The bag is a display of the items you currently have. They fall into several groups, including weapons, food, village resources, and animal skins. We find much more useful in the right part of this window, where we will not only see a graphical representation of the object, but also a useful description.

It can process the location of a given item, making it much easier to find and apply. The yellow font, in turn, contains useful and very practical tips of various types.


The last tab, Help, is sort of a collection of games. There you will find hints consisting of three pictures and descriptions that you previously displayed during the game. You can return to each of them at any time thanks to the help window.

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