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Far Cry Primal – Where can I find the stones used to make “armor”?

Go to the same place where you started the previous task for Urka. After the introductory scenario, go to the indicated place to get to the enemy camp. From the hill, you will have a great view, which will definitely help you select all or at least most of the opponents.

Tag as many enemies as you can to make the game easier.

In the camp you need to find three special stones, which will be highlighted in red in the eyes of the hunters, and thus you will notice them very easily. However, before this happens, we advise you to kill all enemies in sight. One of the stones is in the hut, the other is in the sheaf, and the third is in the second.

After finding the items, return to Urki, who will create his “armor” on the spot. The man also wants to test it, so he asked to get a spear and just throw it right at the crazy figure. Did you expect such temporary armor?

Winning the last fort and getting the last key piece in the village at the same time can be quite difficult in the early game, but not impossible. This task is still worth approaching when we are truly confident in our abilities. Then go to the extreme southeast to the corresponding icon.

It is better to approach the fort from the west, so you will have a projection of the whole place from the hill. Thanks to this, you can easily check where most of the opponents are, as well as mark them yourself or with the help of an owl. Fighting at long distances is difficult due to the terrain.

In battle, use all possible means – a tamed animal, owls and various types of bombs.

Once you go down and enter the camp, you will see the camp leader’s lifebelt at the top. The character will have a yellow double circle icon above their head. You can leave him at the end so his comrades won’t make your fight difficult. Keep trying to keep him at bay the whole time, and when he gets close, shoot him in the head with a spear.

After enough damage to Roshan, the camp leader, the mission will end and you will learn how to make a fire brigade or a firebomb. Roshan also decides to join the Indo village, although he will also go to the cage at the beginning like Dah.

Head to Roszani’s new “apartment” to get information about the start of a new mission. The start of the task is located just south of the central, main reservoir on the map. You must steal three bags of seeds in the marked area. This can of course be controlled by enemies, so focus on killing them.

Seed bags are hard to see, so use the hunter’s vision mode – the items in it will be highlighted in red. You must hurry, because the people from the Izil camp will also be interested in the seeds. Therefore, this will not happen without continuing the struggle. After you have captured the third bag, leave the area highlighted on the minimap as soon as possible. The mission will end.


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