Far Cry torrent download For PC

Far Cry torrent download

Edition type: Repack. Size: 2.49 GB | Seeds: 512 Lychees: 43

Far Cry torrent download a fascinating action shooter with an open world and a first-person camera view. Install the game if you like sci-fi storytelling and interesting stories. And there are really a lot of them. Actually, like the location. There are also plenty of weapons, and you will soon have to get to know them. As for the missions, you will have to go through linear tasks for the same character, destroying all the enemies around. In addition to the main story, the player is given the opportunity to create their own missions, which they can then complete.

Game process

Far Cry is a pretty attractive shooter with a bunch of locations and game missions. And the quests here are really big. To complete this or that task, you need to go from point A to point B, killing various enemies along the way. But don’t think it’s that easy. Firstly, the enemies are quite strong and serious, they see you from afar, and they themselves often hide on towers somewhere in the shadow of the jungle and thickets. And secondly, the main character will walk a good 20 kilometers to the cherished goal, and then he will most likely need to go back. The player is given inventory in addition to the main weapon. In it, the main character wears binoculars to detect enemies, a flashlight whose battery is infinite, first aid kits, and so on. Moreover, first-aid kits can be found on the island, exploring it. But you always have to be on the lookout. Otherwise, enemies can kill you on the sly. They are very secretive and inconspicuous here. Of course, the artificial intelligence in the game is not very developed, so sometimes enemy units will be frankly buggy and stupid, especially in those situations where you could have been killed a thousand times already, but this can be attributed to the age of the game and the lack of technology at that time. The graphics here are very picturesque, quite high quality, there is a change in the weather, as well as a cycle of day and night. Track the enemy at a great distance, and then shoot him with a sniper rifle. Or try to get as close as possible to the opponent and cut his throat with a knife. Thus, no one will understand who killed the enemy, and you will not declassify your location.

Far Cry Features

  • a huge number of missions;
  • large-scale locations;
  • a bunch of weapons;
  • extensive inventory;
  • there is a multiplayer mode;
  • interesting story;
  • quality graphics.

Download Far Cry torrent is recommended to anyone and everyone who wants to plunge into this fictional fantasy world and shoot.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: AMD Athlon® 3 GHz or higher.
  • RAM: 1 Gb.
  • Video Card: At least 128 Mb Video Card supporting DirectX® 9.0b or higher.
  • Audio Card: DirectX® compatible 16-bit PCI sound card.
  • Hard disk: 4.4 Gb


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