Farming Simulator 19 – Application of fertilizers in tillage and their impact on yield

image4 14 Farming Simulator 19 - Application of fertilizers in tillage and their impact on yield

To maintain high yields, we must use fertilizers. We can separate them according to the source of origin:

  • Fertilizers – liquid fertilizers (pallets) or solid fertilizers (bags) from the store, lime
  • Natural fertilizers – compost, oil radish.

We buy artificial fertilizers in the store. In the category Objects / Fertilizers we can find fertilizer bags at a price of 1600 € with a volume of 1000 liters. Pay attention to the icon symbolizing this type of fertilizer – this is the pictogram of the bag. In the same category you will find bags with a capacity of 2000 liters, costing 450 €.

Some machines use bagged fertilizer, while others require a liquid product that is stored on a pallet. Liquid fertilizer is available on the Objects / Pallets tab. It has a canister symbol and costs 2,400 euros for 2,000 liters.

A special type of fertilizer is oilseed radish. After a successful harvest, we prepare the field for sowing, we sow radishes, and after we grow up, we plow the land (1). Thanks to this, we enrich the soil with valuable substances that will affect the size of our future crops.

If the selected field requires lime fertilizer, we will see it in the map view or in the field information window. Other than lime, other fertilizers are optional. Fertilization can be carried out using special devices or, for example, cultivators with such functionality. Each type of fertilizer can be used in one or more machines. The division of fertilizer tools is as follows:

  • Self propelled sprayer – solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer (depending on model)
  • Sprayer Attached to Tractor – Liquid Fertilizer (Sump)
  • Fertilizer sprayer connected to the tractor – solid fertilizer (bags) and lime (depending on model)
  • Other (2 in 1 machines): loaders, cultivators, seeders – solid fertilizers (bags)
  • Manure spreader – manure
  • Slurry spreader – compost

Choosing the right fertilizer machine is no easy task. We will definitely need a lime spreader (2). The use of other fertilizers depends on the willingness to invest in new tools or focus on 2 in 1 solutions. With sprayers, we can both remove weeds and fertilize the fields.

image2 31 Farming Simulator 19 - Application of fertilizers in tillage and their impact on yield

Solid fertilizers (in bags) can be used in selected soil models or planters. The efficiency of these machines is so low compared to special fertilizers that in many cases they are not even worth using.

Liquid manure and pig manure are produced by cows and pigs – the latter only when we supply the animals with straw bedding. We will receive compost in the biogas plant after processing the silage, i.e. hay bales or treated chaff.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that, except for lime and radish oil, all other fertilizers have the same efficiency.

The operation of fertilizing in many cases looks the same. Before starting work, we must fill the tank, for example, with a fertilizer tray (3). Depending on the type of machine, we may need a self-propelled machine or a device attached to a tractor.

image3 21 Farming Simulator 19 - Application of fertilizers in tillage and their impact on yield

After filling the tool, we drive to the right place, turn around and leave the car if necessary. The next step is to start it up and start fertilizing by stepping into the field. We can hire employees for this activity, as in many other cases.

Increase and decrease in yield

By using fertilizers, we have a chance to increase the size of our crops. Factors affecting size include:

  • Fertilizer after every third harvest – increase in yield by 15%.
  • Earlier use of oilseed radish as a green fertilizer (harvesting) – 30% increase in yield.
  • Double fertilization while growing plants – increase yield by 25% each time.
  • The presence of weeds – a decrease in yield by 20%.
  • No plowing after every harvest of corn, potatoes, beets and reeds – 15% yield reduction.


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