Farming Simulator 19 – How to take care of the field after harvest

As you learned in the third lesson, the fertilizer spreader can be used to spread fertilizer across the field. This is what the fourth Farming Simulator 19 guide will teach us.

After three harvests, we must provide the soil with fertilizer so that we all have a chance to grow more crops.

Again, we have to sit at the controls of the tractor. This time we are attaching the weight and spreader loaded with fertilizer. Working with the spreader is no different from what we saw in the previous lesson.

Switch on the machine with the combination LB + X / L1 + and carefully cover the field with fertilizer, watching the travel indicator (1) and the spreader performance indicator (2).

In the next part of the lesson, we will learn how to take care of the fields after harvesting corn, potatoes, sugar beet and sugar cane. If we have collected one of the selected plants, we must plow the field using a plow for this. We go to the tractor, connect the plow and the combination LB + B / L1 +. We are ready to work, and we go out into the field and plow the land.

It is worth noting that the plow can be rotated. After plowing a fragment of the field, we turn back and then turn the plow over. We must drive across the field in such a way that the wheel next to the plow follows the outer furrow of the already plowed area (3). Thanks to this, we will avoid unplowed places in the field. After successfully plowing the field, the game will inform us about the end of the lesson.


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