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Farming Simulator 19 – Online Store: Buy Buildings, Structures, Seeds and Fertilizers

In addition to cars, in the Shop we can buy buildings and special items such as seeds or food. In both cases, we cannot change (with some exceptions) and take the items we have chosen.

On the Objects tab, there are three categories of supplies for our farm:

  • Bigbags – choose feed for pigs, horses, chickens, seeds, fertilizers and lime.
  • Pallets – under the category for the purchase of fertilizers, weed control, pine and poplar seedlings palette and sugarcane palette.
  • Baloty – Wheat straw bale, hay bale, silage bale, wheat straw bale and hay bale are on sale

The Objects – Buildings tab contains many types of buildings (sometimes of different sizes), grouped into 6 categories:

  • For animals – including a dog house, 2 poultry houses, 2 cow pastures, 2 horse paddocks, 2 pigsties and 2 sheep pastures.
  • Bunkers – here you will find 2 bins, an additional bin, a hay loft, 3 silage bins and 3 silage bins
  • Canopies – 3 canopies to choose from (decorative items).
  • Miscellaneous – within the category, buy a washing machine, a workshop, a fender and a water tower.
  • Decorative items such as a sand castle, cowshed, garage, hut, shed, 2 warehouses, a motorhome and an old cowshed.

In the “Shop” window called by the view button, we go to the selected tab (Objects or Building Objects) and proceed in the same way as in the case of buying a car, that is, we press the A / X button next to the object you want to buy ( one) . This stage is identical for machines, structures and buildings.

Modifications are provided only for bales – we choose the number of goods we choose. If we are unable to change the item we have chosen, we will proceed to purchase it immediately. Like cars, items spawn in the parking lot in front of the store. If we bought, for example, a pallet of fertilizer, we have to transport it to the farm. To lift and load the trailer, we need a tractor with a loader console, a front loader and forks, for example, for pallets.

If we want to buy buildings, we choose between ready-made properties, which we then place on our site in the area. Remember that next to the buildings there is an additional icon – a gear with a dollar inside. The value next to it informs about the daily maintenance costs of the building.

We will not always be able to build the building we are interested in. The problem may be caused by terrain that is too small or its shape. Sometimes we have to buy new territory before building, for example, a sheep farm. Remember that the price of the building presented in the shop is the starting amount. We will only see the final purchase price (2) when we find the correct location and the shape of the building is highlighted in green (3). We confirm the purchase by pressing the A / X button.

If we find that the building we bought is not working, we can always sell it in the garage.


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