Farming Simulator 19 – Plant protection, weeding

The second in a series of lessons that we can play in Farming Simulator 19 is Plant Protection. In the first lesson, we learned how to grow, sow and harvest rapeseed. This time it’s time to weed the fields, which is new in Farming Simulator 19.

The presence of weeds reduces yields, so we must control their number in our area. For this purpose, we can use a sprayer. In this tutorial, we have the option to use both machines. We use the time when the weeds have already grown, but not much. If we miss this moment, we will have to use the sprayer.

To use weeding, we must sit in the tractor and connect the necessary tools. We need to distribute them by combining the LB + A / L1 + X buttons and then lower the circle using the LB + B / L1 + buttons. We will see both combinations in the game message (1). Having completed both steps, we can start weeding by driving the tractor into the field.

In the next step of the tutorial, we will learn how to use the sprayer. We must also enter the car and connect the tool to the tractor. Then fill the sprayer tank – to do this, drive forward a little and press the left analogue. At the bottom we will see a progress bar – when the tank is full, the pallet will disappear.

The next task is to distribute and activate the sprayer: for this purpose we use the LB + A / L1 + X combination and then the LB + X / L1 + square. We are ready to enter the field – try to keep a straight line to be as efficient as possible. During operation, we spray the herbicide (2) and the progress bar (3) gradually fills up. After spraying the field, we get a message about the end of the lesson.


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