Farming Simulator 19 – Shop and Workshop: basics, buying and modifying machines

image5 5 Farming Simulator 19 - Shop and Workshop: basics, buying and modifying machines

The necessary equipment for the job or the necessary buildings can be purchased or rented from the store, which can be opened using the “View / Options” button. We can also jump directly to a location visible on the map. In the latter case, we need to approach the highlighted yellow marker and interact with it.

In the shop window, we have 5 tabs to choose from:

  1. Brands – here you will find a list of all the brands that are found in the game. After selecting one of them, the game displays all devices of this brand.
  2. Vehicles – you can buy 20 categories of vehicles, divided by type and purpose.
  3. Tools – 41 categories to choose from, divided by type and use.
  4. Amenities – 3 categories: pallets and bales.
  5. Objects – buildings – 6 categories of buildings to choose from: animal pens, silos, sheds, agricultural farm

Vehicles and tools can be bought or rented. In the Store, by selecting the appropriate tab, and then the category, you can look at small tractors (6). At the bottom of the window we see information (7) in which we can find icons symbolizing the properties of the object and its broader description. In the upper part of the window on the right there is information about free slots and the amount of free funds (8).

Most of the visible icons are in Garage. They concern both machines, buildings and structures. Among them we highlight the following:

9. Income per hour

10. Required engine power is information about what engine power the machine to which we will attach the purchased / rented item should have.

11. Engine power.

12. Fuel tank size.

13. Vehicle speed.

14. Tank capacity – only with selected machines, e.g. combine harvesters, seeders.

15. Points in slots – the game imposes on us a limit on the number of devices, objects and buildings owned (1299 points). Buying and crediting makes us earn a certain number of points, which reduces the pool available to us.

16. Purchased – the number of units of the selected equipment at our disposal.

17. Borrowed — the number of pieces of the selected equipment on credit.

18. Machine Width – This is important when you are buying planters, sprayers, etc.

19. The maximum operating speed of the device

20. Types of crops – informs about which crops we can load the device or for which we can use

21. Seed Types – Information about the seeds that can be used for sowing on this machine.

22. Modules – indicates the name of the series of machines that can work with the selected device.

image2 5 Farming Simulator 19 - Shop and Workshop: basics, buying and modifying machines

Buying cars and modifying them in the store

To go to the window for buying / renting a car, press the A / X button when the object is active. In the new window we have general information (23) about the object depending on its type. At the bottom of the screen we see financial data (24). The left side of the table is responsible for the cost of borrowing. Let us first of all pay attention to the initial costs of leasing, because we will pay this amount immediately upon borrowing. If you want to rent an object, press the square and confirm the operation.

On the right side of the table, we see the costs of buying, including a breakdown of the total price of the underlying price and the value of the option. Some modifications may represent a significant contribution to the final price, such as an engine offered outside the standard. If we decide to buy, press the A / X button and confirm the choice, and we will pay the full price.

image3 4 Farming Simulator 19 - Shop and Workshop: basics, buying and modifying machines

Before buying and renting, we have the opportunity to change (25) vehicles and tools, if this was provided for in the selected model. We can purchase up to four options, which are visible at the bottom of the screen on the left. Sometimes we can change the color of an object. Please note that we cannot modify borrowed vehicles.

Purchased and / or rented vehicles, machinery and equipment appear in the car park in front of the store. If we choose cars, we will just drive a new purchase. In the case of tools, we need to drive to the site, for example, with a tractor, and then deliver the mechanism connected to the vehicle to the farm.

To make changes or sell tools and vehicles after purchase, we must go to the workshop adjacent to the store. After parking the object in the specified location, we interact with the yellow highlighted marker by pressing the left analogue. Thanks to this, we can see a window with information about the machine (26), such as: name, cost, age, working hours and condition.

image4 2 Farming Simulator 19 - Shop and Workshop: basics, buying and modifying machines

By pressing the A / X button, we can sell the object. If we deliver the object directly to the workshop, we will receive a 20% bonus on the price. Therefore, this is a better offer than selling in the Garage. The same with the repair of the object, which is carried out with the Y / triangle button. In the Workshop, the price for this operation will be lower.

Use the X/square button to open the object modification window, identical to the one available in the Store. The changes made are confirmed with the A / X button. We can only change the selected machines.


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