FastStone Capture download torrent For PC

FastStone Capture download torrent For PC FastStone Capture download torrent For PC

FastStone Capture download torrent

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FastStone Capture torrent download is a fairly popular program for instant and high-quality screenshots. If you constantly use this feature, then with this application you will start doing it much faster and better. At the same time, an important option of the software is not so much the creation of screenshots, but the video capture of the desktop. Record a video of yourself doing something on your computer, and then post it to online services and different platforms. And you can do it right there, because all popular Internet resources are associated with the program.

Program features

FastStone Capture is a fairly simple and popular screen capture program for both photo and video. Then the created photos or video files can be saved in any format, or immediately sent to the Internet. The main function is to take screenshots. After you capture the screen, you need to select the size of the created file, quality, format. Also, you can draw some symbols, elements on the newly created screenshot. The application is a kind of Paint, only with the ability to take screenshots and videos. True, video recording is made only on the desktop and in the root folders. That is, you cannot record a video of how you play the game. But usually the program is in demand among novice bloggers who show on YouTube how this or that program works. You simply launch FastStone Capture and open any other application while recording video. Create tons of screenshots and put them on the Internet. And all this is extremely simple and intuitive. The app is very easy to learn and use. Even a beginner can handle it. Use the full-featured tool to the maximum, because there are extremely few functions and options. And they are all very comfortable and light. Images are created without delay and, most importantly, without loss of quality! How you see the screen, so it will be shown in the screenshot of the application. Of course, when integrating images to other online services, the quality can lose weight, but there are some tricks here too. Yes, and it does not depend on the program directly. You can download the FastStone Capture torrent to anyone who constantly uses the above features.

Software processes

We figured out the possibilities of the program, they are extremely simple, but effective. If we talk about additional functions and options of the application, then everything is also simple and trite. In addition to capturing the screen and recording it in video format, you can change windows, menu structure, drag selected tools, add other functions, and also “play” with scrolling selected borders and resizing. The version was updated a long time ago, but some new tools are not expected here. Everything is extremely simple and clear, so even if you are a complete beginner and “amateur”, then everything will be clear to you. Use the Magnifying Glass, Eraser, Crop, Drawing Tools to create high-quality images and videos. You can change the content in the write mode and draw some of your information on the created object. Most of the formats that users actively use are supported.

FastStone Capture Features

  • multifunctional program;
  • simple and intuitive to learn;
  • comfortable work with options;
  • additional tools;
  • creation of screenshots, video files;
  • changing created objects in real time.

We recommend downloading the FastStone Capture torrent to absolutely all active PC users and novice bloggers.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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