FIFA 08 download torrent For PC

FIFA 08 download torrent For PC Fortnite - Trials: Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

FIFA 08 download torrent

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FIFA 08 download torrent of a unique football simulator from Electronic Arts. This is a great game with arcade gameplay and an exciting single player campaign, released in 2007, in the month of September. Try to fight with the strongest and most technical teams present in this version of the game. In total there will be about 500 clubs from more than 27 football leagues. Also, you can play for the national team. Most of the teams are licensed and have real names, players’ faces, and equipment.

Story line

You create the plot yourself. There is complete freedom of action, thanks to which your entire future coaching career depends on you. At the very beginning of the game, you can choose the mode in which you want to participate. It can be either an ordinary league, or a world championship, a European championship, or a career. Also, there is a free game. This is the fastest mode in which you will play one match against another club and that will be the end of it. Of course, the most popular mode is Career. This is a single player campaign for one team, which will have to manage an infinite number of seasons. You can play as much as you like, developing your club and bringing it to the championship of both the national league and cup, and international ratings. Achieve such recognition in the world and do everything to make you respected by the rest of the teams. It will be interesting that your players can receive valuable international awards, such as a golden ball or a boot, thus glorifying the team. But in order to do this, you must keep the players in your club so that they do not want to move to others. After all, the rest can offer them crazy contracts, where they will simply bathe in gold. If you can’t afford it, well, you’ll have to leave. But we advise you to keep the highest quality players, because it is on them that the whole game of the team is built. But you don’t always have to think about transfers and loan deals. Sometimes you need to look at your students. Let young players from U-19 or U-21 into the first team so that they gain experience and become high-quality players in the future. Do not be afraid to trust them, because in a couple of seasons they will be able to give results at the highest level. Anyone who cannot live without football needs to download the FIFA 08 torrent.

Game process

As for the gameplay, here it is more advanced than the previous parts of the series. But otherwise, there were practically no changes. In fact, this is the same FIFA 07, but with a modified gameplay. The graphics have improved a little bit, the physics and the engine have remained the same. Thanks to Electronic Arts, Russian commentators Vasily Solovyov and Vasily Utkin, who have long been considered the best in the post-Soviet space, have been preserved in the game. Of course, the atmosphere of the football holiday has also been preserved. Already at the first entrance to the game you will see a stunning interface and a soundtrack that will set the right wave in your perception and prepare you for a future meeting on the football field. There are no tournaments for football teams, but you can create them yourself. New leagues have been added here: the Championship of Ireland, Australia and the Czech Republic. So the number of clubs has expanded and now stands at about 550 teams. The game received as many as 4 awards in 2007 from the popular IGN Awards.

FIFA 08 features

  • exciting gameplay;
  • a lot of teams and national teams;
  • licensed players, leagues;
  • extended career stage;
  • added new competitions;
  • improved graphics.

Download the FIFA 08 torrent and start building a real elite football team.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • CPU for OS XP/2000: Pentium 4 (1.3Ghz) or higher.
  • Memory: 256Mb RAM
  • CPU for Vista OS: Pentium 4 (1.5Ghz) or higher.
  • Memory: 512Mb RAM
  • Free disk space: 3.92GB
  • Video card: at least 64MB of memory
  • DVD Drive: at least 8x
  • DirectX: 9 or higher


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