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FIFA 14 download torrent

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Another, now the 21st in a row, realistic football match simulator. FIFA 14 was released simultaneously for both consoles and PC users, it is based on the same graphics engine called Impact Engine. The cover features the best football player of our time, the multiple winner of the Golden Ball – Lionel Messi. Download the game via torrent and take part in both a single career, individual random matches, as well as online tournaments with professionals, you can today. Other sports simulators from EA Games are made on the same graphics engine, and therefore the picture is truly pleasing to the eye.

New in the gameplay

From one game in the series to another, the developers do not stand still, experiments are constantly being carried out and innovations are being carried out so that players do not get bored. So this time, in FIFA 14, we would like to introduce you to some of its main features:

  • Impeccable Shot System – Now some of the players have individual skills, thanks to which they can deliver the most accurate, powerful and dangerous shot to the opponent’s goal.
  • Ball control – changes in game mechanics provide the opportunity not only to beat defenders, but also to block them, thereby taking them away from the ball.
  • More realistic physics – the flight path of a launched ball in FIFA 14 corresponds to how it would be in real life. Athletes have learned to carry out more aesthetic and technical strikes with twisting and cutting.
  • The intelligence of the players from your team – more seriously calculated tactics and strategy, as well as setting up computer bots, allow them to fully immerse themselves in a football match, monitor each other’s movements, and use free playing zones for active operations.
  • Precise Movements – The movements of players both with and without the ball are now calculated in real time, due to which the animation of changes has been changed.

Varieties of game modes

The first thing beginners should start with, after they decide to download the game via torrent, is to go through a series of training matches. Thanks to this, you will be able to get acquainted with the basics of control, which is carried out both with the help of special controllers and with the keyboard and mouse. Then we recommend going into career mode, the passage of which takes several decades. During this time, our sports manager will be able to change several clubs, try to win the maximum number of national and international titles along with his favorite teams. Also introduced in FIFA 14 is an updated global network where we can hire a specially trained scout to look for new young stars who can further help our club. A special place is now occupied by the Ultimate Team mode. Here you can create your own dream team from scratch, gradually improving and buying more and more world famous stars.

In addition, it is here that bonus, exclusive content is presented, which includes a set of real football legends. The best stars of past years are already today ready to strengthen the composition of the player’s team, created from scratch. To do this, you just need to download the game via torrent. Take part in online co-op seasons with other players: it’s like a career mode in multiplayer, where up to four people can take part at the same time. If you wish, you can enable synchronization with the Internet so that player transfers and squads are updated in real time.

Licensed teams and commentators

As everyone knows, EA Games’ sports series are always fully licensed, and FIFA 14 is no exception to the rule here, which means that each of the clubs, stadiums or players is based on its real prototype. At the same time, their shape, condition and design of the emblems also repeats everything that happens in real time. This time we are expecting the maximum variety of game content: more than 30 official leagues from different divisions, about 600 teams and 16,000 athletes. For the first time in the game, the championship of Brazil, as well as Poland, is presented. Of the individual teams, Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine should be noted.

Here you can download the torrent of the fully Russified version, along with the official commentators. Yuri Rozanov, Vasily Solovyov and Alexander Loginov took part in the voice acting. Do not pass by the national teams, especially since now there are almost 50 of them, which means that this will be enough to hold a full-fledged championship of the planet. The list of licensed stadiums has also undergone major changes compared to the previous part. The official soundtrack consists of 37 songs that play in the main and additional menus: tracks of various genres are presented.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista SP2, 7, 8;
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV processor 2.4 GHz or equivalent AMD processor;
  • Operational: memory: 2GB RAM;
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI (AMD) Radeon x1300. Pixel/Vertex Shader 3.0 and VRAM 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card.


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