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If you want to score goals in FIFA 21, you must use the right shots in certain situations. Because the right shot on goal can decide the outcome of a particular episode and affect football odds.

Of course, in FIFA 21 you can simply press the kick button when you are inside the opponent’s box. However, it’s often worth thinking about what is the best shot for different situations before the combos start. In FIFA 21, there are many different shooting techniques that you can use. We have reviewed the most important of them.

Standard shot with the right foot

As described above, the player uses the normal completion of the combination by simply pressing the hit button. On the PlayStation, it’s the Circle button. Depending on how long you hold the button, your punch will vary in strength.

For maximum success, you need the right shot power. Logically, when shooting from a distance, you need to hold the button longer, and right in front of the goal, you need a controlled, targeted shot. Just punching – this usually never works and, at best, is of interest to spectators in the stands.

It is important to hit the ball with the right foot. Because the finishing skills of your attackers are heavily dependent on the right foot – unless they have a lot of stars on their weak foot. However, usually right-footers should also end with the right foot, and left-footers the other way around. Keep this in mind before you start the game and get to know how your attackers play.

Sliced ​​Strike

This shot is perfect for sending the ball into the far corner. You launch it by pressing R1 and the punch button at the same time. It is suitable for different situations. Corner shots from outside the penalty area can be twisted with great force, but they are also effective close to the goal. If you are running sideways towards the goal and want to get the ball around the goalkeeper, a cut shot is also the best choice.

Hinged kick

In real football, you don’t often use a side kick, as goalkeepers rarely run as far from the goal as they sometimes do in FIFA 21. Also, it is relatively humiliating for a goalkeeper to miss from the center of the field. However, in FIFA 21, the side kick is quite effective because all too often you suddenly find yourself running towards a goalkeeper who is far from the goal line.

If the goalkeeper comes out and leaves his position, the cross is an extremely promising end to the attack. You can use it by pressing L1 and the Circle button. The correct force of impact is also important here: if the goalkeeper does not have enough strength, he catches the ball in the air, if too much, the ball will end up in the stands. It’s a matter of practice.

Low shot on goal

You use a low kick by holding the L1 and R1 buttons and then pressing the punch button. The result is a finishing move that takes place directly above the ground, with little risk of crossing the net.

It is possible to charge strongly, for example, to score the ball into the near corner from a short distance. Shooting from a distance won’t do you much good, as the ball doesn’t fly as hard and, in the worst case, hits the target with so little force that the goalkeeper can just parry it.

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