Figure Story: Toy Story Trial Run, Anime Only

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Remember the Pixar Toy Story cartoon? So, the Chinese guys decided to do something similar, only in anime style. The name is unpretentious, Figure Story. It should be noted that the project has been completed at a high level. The game features eye-catching cut scenes showing young warrior girls fighting a local cat. As soon as the owner is around, they have to pretend like they are toys.

Yes, there are loot boxes in the game, but they are made in such a way that even I would buy – there is a chest like Overwatch. We need to tear off the line from it, after which the loot box opens and we see many multi-colored boxes with warriors inside. And yes, you can paint them with a brush, for which hearts appear on the screen. As for local battles, this is a typical mobile jRPG: the characters fight themselves, we just need to choose specials. abilities.

Figure Story is already available on iOS and Android in Taiwan. There is no English localization. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. You can download on Android through TapTap

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