Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has been released, what are you?

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has been released by publisher Square Enix. There are many fresh ideas in it, but is it worth it?

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a battle royale for smartphones. The developers decided to cross the role-playing game with the battle royale, getting something unusual at the output. Mobs run around the map, on which you can swing, and Chocobos act not only as transport, but can also attack (farms have even been created for them, where you can breed new species).

Characters are divided into four classes: mage, ranger, warrior, monk, and ninja. They have their own characteristics, for example, someone moves silently, and someone makes full use of magic. You can teleport, place ice turrets, heal allies, and even turn invisible.

On the downside, there is a clumsy control that does not support dodging and blocking, as was the case in the remakes of Final Fantasy VII. Even at first, you can be quickly killed, and for some reason a shotgun close up is not as effective as a katana. I am glad that donation applies to skins that cannot be received without a hard grind or real money.

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