Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Development Lead Worried The New Expansion Plot Was Too Much

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Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida said in a recent interview with PCGAMER that the new Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV should contain almost one and a half times more story content than its predecessor, Shadowbringers. While the amount of regular content will remain the same.

But when commenting on these facts, Yoshida spoke about his concerns about this. At times, the team thought that such a scale could slow down the development of the extension and the timeline would have to be further shifted. Production has already been slowed down for 3 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The director thought about how to cut some elements of the story in order to meet the schedule. But that would mean even more adjustments and work for the team. Therefore, it was decided to continue the development of the addon with all the planned plot elements.

And during one of the festivals, Yoshida announced the release date for Endwalker, November 23, noting that the team will still be able to complete the expansion in 2021.

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