First Class Trouble – Mafia style multiplayer game out in Early Access

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The multiplayer social game First Class Trouble has been released in the early access stage, the gameplay of which resembles Mafia, Among Us and other similar projects. The cost on Steam is 570 rubles, but at the moment there is a 20% discount, thanks to which you can buy the game for 456 rubles.

During the early access period, which will last from 6 to 12 months, the developers plan to introduce new content. Along with future updates, First Class Trouble will add a 4-person map, anti-gravity traps, controller support, spectator mode, perks and more. They also promise to hold thematic events.

First Class Trouble takes place in an alternate universe of the 1950s. The goal is to turn off the deadly artificial intelligence that controls the space liner. However, two out of six players are humanoid killer robots posing as ordinary people.

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