After showing the trailer for the Chains of Dominance update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Blizzard has shared the first details of the upcoming patch.

Its plot will tell about the events after the defeat of Ser Denatriy. The Azeroth heroes will advance further through the territory of the main antagonist of the expansion, the Jailer, and try to find out about his sinister plans. The Covenant will unite to defeat the enemy’s new weapon – a ruthless death warrior, created with Sylvanas Windrunner’s help and a weapon called Kingsmorn.

Among the innovations announced:

  • New territory – “Cortia”-will become a fresh scene of action and be located in the Womb. According to the story, she was pulled into the Maw by the Jailer, and the lands themselves are part of a long-vanished kingdom. In the City of Mysteries, users will complete unique missions and take part in events in the open world.
  • New campaign of the united forces of the covenants. Players will be able to continue the storyline and combine all the covenants to attack the Jailer jointly.
  • New raid “Sanctuary of Dominance”. It will appear in the depths of Torgast and is designed for 10 players. Among the bosses are declared: the true Eye of the Jailer, Tarragr, the Banshee Queen and others.
  • New mega-dungeon “Tazavesh Secret Market” Players will be able to enter a large instance in Mythic difficulty, based on the bazaar of mysterious brokers. There, users will find 8 bosses and an attempt to steal powerful artefacts from Azeroth.
  • Other innovations. These include gear for season 2 of raids, dungeons, and Darklands PvP. There will also be a fresh seasonal mod associated with the Jailer’s strength, new covenant cosmetics for all classes, an increase in the strength of guides and mediums, new mounts, pets, access to flights and much more.

So far, these were all the first details of the Chain of Dominance update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Shortly, we will try to collect even more details from the World of Warcraft panel and post them on the site.

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