The developer Cube Software has prepared for players a session-based shooter about sea battles MODERN WARSHIPS. A real modern naval vessel with an impressive arsenal of weapons will be in control. We decided to test how good the game is.

Initially, the player is offered minimal gameplay opportunities, which is why it is almost impossible to evaluate MODERN WARSHIPS with one single original ship – the player can only choose the target, the direction of movement of the ship, how to poke one single missile launch button.

Only the developers lose from this because the training ends almost immediately. The players may not know that MODERN WARSHIPS offers rockets and autocannons and the ability to control planes, helicopters, cannons, torpedoes, missiles, ships have various air defence systems and grenade launchers. I would especially like to highlight aeroplanes and helicopters, which are essentially separate units with their own control scheme, at the helm of which the player can sit.

Each such unit has its own weapon system and offers completely different gameplay. Simultaneously, the game obliges to withstand time management between controlling the ship and the flying unit; otherwise, you may lose your ship. If we talk about physics, then it is quite clumsy and has yet to be finalized, but already now the developers have shown a bold version of the game, which can bring us a truly original product.

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