First look at the fresh MMORPG Dragonicle: an abundance of improvements with boring gameplay

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The release of each new MMORPG for mobile brings more and more frustrations, on the same topic – the games play themselves and the player is needed only as an appendage with a credit card. The release of Dragonicle was no exception – the game starts playing automatically even without first pressing from the player.

The developers’ stake was very simple – to make cute characters and pretentious characters in an anime style, to give a wagon of opportunities for the development of appearance, pets and characteristics, so that the abundance of opportunities shook the spirit and motivate everyone who plays to buy another beautiful trinket. Behind all this, as is usually the case, the gameplay was lost.

It is completely incomprehensible how the strength of a character in less than an hour exceeds hundreds of thousands of points and why even add such huge numbers at the start – this does not give a sense of progress. I would like the developers to pay attention to the world, not only at the start of promo-art, but also to allow this very world to really be explored.

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