First look at the mobile shooter World War 2 – Battle Combat

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A new game about the Second World War has appeared in mobile stores – World War 2 – Battle Combat, where as many as 4 countries are involved: Russia, USA, Germany and Japan. Factions affect only the appearance of the characters and their lines, however, they are useful for entourage and involvement, for which a special thank you.

In general, World War 2 – Battle Combat does not have any unique mechanics. The gameplay is an ordinary shooter with automatic shooting when aiming at the enemy, a lot of consumables and pumping equipment for monetization. I would like to emphasize that at first glance, monetization does not seem to be a Pay-2-Win system, since the ability to buy weapons with a beautiful skin is tied to the same level as unlocking conventional weapons. At the same time, the developers hope to motivate players to use all types of weapons in the future with the help of tasks, offering players different options for weapons and receiving additional rewards for this.

World War 2 can be praised for its responsive controls, but there are camera micro teleporters in the game that are distracting and annoying.

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