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First MOBA Fangs Tournament Announced

The developers of the not-yet-released MOBA Fangs have announced the first-ever tournament in the game called Guinsoo’s Gauntlet. It will take place on December 3 in Europe and North America, and on December 4 in Brazil.

The prize pool of $25,000 (per region) will be competed by various content creators from around the world. Also, 50% of the proceeds from sales of the exclusive Klondike mount will be added to the total amount, which will be available for 1200 Realm Gold only until December 13th.

Qualifying matches will be held in bo1 format (up to one win), while semi-finals and finals will be played in bo3 format (up to two wins).

The tournament schedule is as follows:

Europe (December 3)

  • 15:00 – 18:00 (Moscow time) – Start of qualification and live broadcast.
  • 18:30 (Moscow time) – Semi-finals.
  • 19:30 (Moscow time) – Final.
  • 20:30 – 20:45 (Moscow time) – Interview with the winners live.

North America (December 3-4)

  • 22:00–01:00 (UTC) — Start of qualification and live broadcast.
  • 01:30 (MSK) – Semi-finals.
  • 02:30 (MSK) – Final.
  • 03:30-03:45 (UTC) – Interviews with the winners live.

In Brazil, the format of the tournament is slightly different. All teams will play against each participating team, and the winners will be those who win the most matches. Games will be held on the night of December 4-5, from 00:00 to 04:00 Moscow time.

You can follow the matches of the tournament on the official Twitch channel.

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