First MOCO game, codenamed Project-V, prepares for pre-alpha

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Vela Games will launch a pre-alpha multiplayer game in a new genre, which the developers themselves call MOCO (Multiplayer Online Co-Op). The project from the natives of Riot Games and EA, codenamed Project-V, was announced back in December last year, along with a small teaser. According to the description, it combines team gameplay, MOBA abilities, and MMO dungeons.

The closed pre-alpha testing phase will begin soon. The developers plan to open servers on Fridays and Saturdays for three weeks, after which they collect feedback and prepare for the next phase. The pre-alpha schedule is as follows:

  • April 23rd and 24th
  • April 30 and May 1
  • May 7 and 8

Only a few hundred players will take part in testing. Some users who have previously registered on the official website will receive letters with a proposal to take the survey. Based on the survey results, a small group will be selected that will fall into pre-alpha. According to the developers, it is planned to invite many more people to the next stages.

The pre-alpha of Project-V will be held under a strict NDA, which means that participants will be prohibited from sharing screenshots and gameplay videos and broadcasting. Failure to comply with the conditions will result in immediate removal from this and all subsequent stages. Further steps are also possible, such as banning access to the game or even legal action.

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