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FlatOut 2 download torrent

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After turning on FlatOut 2, it seems that nothing has changed, download it to check everything for yourself. Same career mode, single race, single derby and maneuvers. Once you enter any of these modes, the changes will make you wonder. First of all, let’s talk about career mode. Compared to the first part, three types of races are now possible: derby, standard circuit racing and street racing. After you pass them, the “Super Final” will be available to you.

By and large, all these types differ from each other only in the cars on which we will pass the tournament and highways. In the derby we will see most of the rural motifs, except for a couple of locations. Cars look like scrap metal, fastened together. In the standard mode, we will be provided with better and more expensive cars. But with the third mode there were some problems. Cars drive at a breakneck speed and it is almost impossible to create an accident, so all that remains is to step on the gas and stare at the lights of the night city. We can say that this is the most boring mode.

I especially want to talk about the “single trick”. We did not drive such an abundance even in the previous toy. With such a variety of mini-games in FlatOut 2, you can’t keep your eyes peeled until you try everything, download via torrent if you want to try everything yourself. If you do not look closely, you might think that nothing has changed. The system remains the same: we take acceleration in a specific area, set the driver’s ejection angle and watch how his ejected body flies to the target we need. About twelve times, perhaps to torment the driver. As mentioned earlier, your driver has become a sports equipment. The rules differ depending on the sport you choose. For example, in darts, hit the “dart” in the desired area, etc.

Of course we can’t imagine FlatOut 2 without destruction, download it if you feel the same way. The creators considered this issue from the technical side and material. The number and detail of all items has increased significantly. Destroy, perhaps, almost everything that catches our eye (excluding houses, they are made of concrete). The wheelbarrow, before going to the next world, must be broken to the end, that is, a couple of wheels and a base must come from it. It is a pity that after the first race there is little left. The material part is that after any race, a rigorous analysis of the state of the track is carried out and the winners are identified. Place in the standings depends on the damage caused to the road. Depending on the place, you will be given a cash reward in the local currency. But that’s not all. Your collision with the enemy will also be appreciated. There are many more nominations in this section.

The visual part can compete with the leaders of this industry. No innovative developments were invented, but there are noticeable differences compared to the previous part. The toy is perfectly optimized for existing computers and does not require additional settings. Music perfectly emphasizes all the details of the game. As usual, the music track list consists of licensed songs, but they are more famous than in the first part. This time we will hear rock, pop rock, pop punk, punk rock and heavy metal artists. All tracks are of a really excellent level and perfectly complement the atmosphere.


The toy surprised us once again. Nothing supernova has appeared, but it is still interesting and driving to play. The main emphasis was aimed at even more breaking everything and the graphic component. The realism and the spirit caught a cold, but beautiful graphics came in its place.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Processor: Pentium IV 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Video card: 64 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound device
  • Free hard disk space: 2.86 GB


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