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Flight simulator Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2 moved to iOS

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2 is a new iOS game and a port from major consoles and even the Nintendo Switch. So far, we are talking purely about the Apple ecosystem, Air Supremacy 2 has not yet been released on Android.

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2 offers more or less realistic gameplay where you fly military aircraft and complete combat missions. The graphics are on par, although due to the fact that this is a mobile version, even the M2 chipset is unlikely to be able to give the level of the PlayStation 5.

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2 offers tutorial, campaign, custom games and multiplayer. Since this is a premium project, in the main menu, the player’s eyes will run wide from the number of maps and modes. Note that the story campaign includes 14 missions.

As for the plot, some players complain about Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2, saying that villains can appear in the middle of the game and then disappear forever, and the ending can be considered a “cliffhanger”, as the game suddenly stops “at the most interesting place.”

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