Football game Soccer Manager 2023 may not be released in Russia

FC manager simulator Soccer Manager 2023 has started to appear in different countries and on different platforms. What to expect from the new version?

Soccer Manager 2023 is a mobile game that is available on iOS in a number of countries in Southeast Asia and will be released later in other parts of the world. As for Android, pre-registration is underway for it. This is an F2P game so expect in-app purchases and VIP status. Also, the developers collect a lot of data about you; in this light reddit users recommend Football Manager Mobile.

In Soccer Manager 2023 you create your own soccer team, choose a name and uniform for it. The developers promise over 25,000 playerslicensed by FIFPRO. In total they are divided into 90 clubs from 35 leading countries. You have to control all aspects of FC – transfers, tactics, stadium construction, finances and so on. Only now the graphics remained at the level of the PlayStation 3, and most of the match takes place in the format of a “football board” with circles moving along it; the field itself is shown only at critical moments.

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