Football simulator Football Master 2 will be released today, Torres has become an ambassador

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Football Master 2 is a football simulator from Gala Sports studio. We talked about it in detail here, when the project was still in the MBT stage. Now it’s time for a global release, with some countries already enjoying the gameplay when others need to wait. The gameplay is primitive: we are watching footballers with low polygons. The match takes place at a speed of approximately x2 or even x4. During the game, you need to change tactics and choose which player will translate it into reality.

The rating of the team plays an important role. It is compiled depending on the rank of the players. That is, if you have more points than your opponent, then you are unlikely to lose. It turns out that we are acting as a manager. We will sign contracts with players, make transfers and collect cards. By the way, Torres became an ambassador. Only Ronaldo with Free Fire can beat this collaboration.

Football Master 2 is already available in select countries in Western Europe as well as in the US. At the time of this writing, the game page is not in Russia. Write in the comments your country, platform and if Football Master 2 is available.

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