For Honor’s Tempest Season Kicks Off Next Week

Ubisoft has unveiled the 3rd season of the 5th year in the multiplayer action game For Honor, dubbed Tempest. It will begin next week, September 9, and at the same time, the Chapter of Mirage will be closed, and the game world will be seriously changed.

“The factions of the Swamp Wasteland have long fought for water under the scorching sun. Before, every drop was worth its weight in gold, but the drought was suddenly replaced by a flood. Due to the unbearable heat, the Valkenheim glaciers melted and the water level rose rapidly. In the Swamp Wasteland, pouring rain began and an incredibly strong wind blew – the storm did not end. The warriors, whose native lands were flooded, were in disarray. The exception was the Vikings, who were given rebirth by the storm … and the opportunity to gain supremacy, ”the announcement says.

In the new season, players will see the following:

  • Storm Tides Event (September 9-30) – Free Battle Pass that will unlock a variety of rewards, including new standard armor, animations, and a helmet part. Also, players will be able to acquire new weapons as loot.
  • Battle Pass (September 9 – December 3) – 100 levels of rewards for everyone, including weapons and animations. Premium rewards include Tempest-themed armor, animations, weapons, Battle Pass point bonus for completed games, 11,000. steel and more.
  • Dominion Series – In 2021, there will be two more stages of the Dominion Series championship, the first of which will start on September 9. Registration for the qualification is already available.
  • Changes on the test site – From September 16 to September 30, it will be possible to evaluate the rework of the shinobi and improvements to the “Conquest of territories”.
  • Lots of gameplay changes, such as:
    • Orochi improvements
    • Holdar improvements
    • Improvements to the “choice of option” mechanic
    • Improvements to the skills “Not a step back” and “Replenishment”
    • Dodge improvements
    • Decrease in the effectiveness of the “Crushing Dash” technique.

You can find out more details about the Tempest season on the official website.

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