For MMORPG Albion Online, a patch has been released with changes to the Gates of Hell, the selection of opponents and others

In March, the developers of MMORPG Albion Online released a major update for the game called “To Arms!” It brought in numerous changes, but some of them were not as well received by the players as they would have liked. Therefore, in the future, the authors began to make corrections based on the feedback. It is for this purpose that the fresh patch 18.030.1 from April 19 was installed.

His main edits are as follows:

  • Matchmaking has been improved in 10×10 matches;
  • the selection of enemies during sequential passage for all types of Hell’s Gate has been significantly improved;
  • updated equipment requirements for entry, item power threshold and monster behavior in the 10×10 deadly Hell’s Gate;
  • added additional books of intuition in chests after the destruction of the enemy team;
  • decreased HP of non-player characters in 10×10, their damage from auto attacks and abilities;
  • various bugs and bugs were removed.

In addition to Hell’s Gate, the patch also touched on other aspects of the game:

  • Faction War Changes: Improved rewards, updated boss behavior, and improved notifications for actions related to factions.
  • Added chat commands to manage actions related to guild and group;
  • Mobile improvements were made, including an increase in the maximum font size in chat;
  • fixed bugs in PC and mobile versions.

These were all the key innovations in patch 18.030.1. You can find out more information on the official website of the project.

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