For MMORPG Temtem, an update has been released with a new island, the first creature of mythical quality and more

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MMORPG Temtem recently celebrated its Early Access anniversary, and during this time, the developers have managed to do a lot. However, they are not going to stop there and continue to release patches. This time, the authors delighted the players with the new island of Cipanku and a lot of fresh content.

Cipanku is presented as a territory of technology and digitalization, and is a haven for a completely new type of creature that can be tamed. These are digital themes, susceptible to attacks only in relation to the same category. They also have unique skills and appearance.

Among other things, the game now features the first mythical quality Temtem, obtained from Lairs instances. Lairs is a new activity that needs to be done in a team of several people. The mythical creatures obtained there are not subject to breeding or exchange, and there are also no restrictions on their extraction.

There have also been improvements in the quality of life. Now you can rename Temtems, participate in battles with NPCs while searching for a competitive match, a tab in the inventory for fruits and similar items has been added, various bugs have been fixed and the soundtrack has been improved.

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