For the beautiful Soul Tide, they will hold a CBT (file inside)

LemcnSun Studio will launch Soul Tide test servers. If you like beautiful gachas, it’s better not to skip it, especially since there is a file for download.

Soul Tide is a mobile anime with nice graphics and cute waifu. From February 8 to February 14, the game will have an early launch in North America and probably only on Android. The plot in it is revealed through non-voiced text dialogues, and the character models are made in the “live 2D” format. Interestingly, the levels are made like in roguelikes, that is, we move forward and a random event can occur on each cell.

Fights in Soul Tide are turn-based, and although the battle can be set to auto-mode, the player is free to choose abilities manually. The only negative is that during the battles there is little action and special effects, because of which at some point it can get boring tapping yourself. The developers promise several genres at once in one game – picking up anime girls, a house simulator, and also dungeon exploration.

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