For the military shooter Enlisted, the Battle for Stalingrad update has been released

The developers of the multiplayer first-person shooter Enlisted from the Darkflow Software studio have released a major update “Battle of Stalingrad”, adding a campaign of the same name. It is available for free to all players, and owners of the All Access Packs can immediately receive upgraded units and weapons.

The update brings with it new content related to the Battle of Stalingrad, including the locations Communist Street, Gogol Street East, Gogol Street West, Department Store North, Department Store South, Communist Street and Central Station “. Also added new units, types of weapons, tanks, aircraft and more. Pre-existing campaigns have also expanded.

In addition, the developers have made a large number of gameplay improvements, improved artificial intelligence, updated the sounds of shots of some types of weapons, added hit and walking sounds for each type of surface, and fixed bugs.

Обновление «Битва за Сталинград» / Enlisted

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