Fortnite Battle Royale has been updated to version 22.10 – the game has a new rifle, voice chests and more

Epic Games has released update 22.10 for the Fortnite battle royale, which brings a lot of new features.

Key features of the patch:

  • The high rate of fire Cobra Rifle now spawns on the ground, floats in water, can be in chests, supply drops, voracious sharks, and fruits on Tree of Reality saplings.
  • Voice chests have appeared in the game, available for opening with special keys. Their main difference from the usual ones is that the content is displayed in the form of a hologram.
  • The cat glove from the third season of the third chapter “Idyll” has returned to the game and can now be found as a regular weapon, almost anywhere.
  • All players who unlock the Gift of Nothingness pickaxe on the second page of the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass will receive Adept quests that unlock seven alternate item styles.
  • Additional styles for various Battle Pass gear for this season have been made available on the Battle Pass tab in the Extra Rewards section for players who have reached level 100.
  • Balance, bug fixes and more.

You can find the full patch note with the changes here.

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