Fortnite – Challenge: Look at the location indicated by the tip of the knife on the loading screen

One of the Fortnite Season 8 week 6 challenges is quite unusual – you have to find the right spot using just one of the loading screens.

If you’re a regular Fortnite player, you probably associate a similar task with a magnifying glass. This time we are looking for the place that the pirate knife is pointing to.

In this guide, we suggest how to find a place and specify a specific place.

The place that points to the tip of the knife – map


To complete the task, you must figure out where to go and then what to visit. The map prepared by us will help you with this:

Specifically, you should go to J6 Square, between the racetrack and the Lonely Hostel.

There you will find some trees at the end of the desert.

Look for a black spot on the ground, without grass. This is the place where the knife is pointing. Come and the star will appear. Just collect the treasure using the button indicated on the screen.

Remember that if you’re having trouble completing a quest, it’s worth waiting a few days – most players try to complete the quest as soon as possible. Choosing team play over classic is also a good idea.


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