Fortnite – Challenges: Get 15 Ball Throws

Fortnite has already started its 5th week of Challenges in the 8th Competition Season. One of the tasks is to skillfully throw the ball.

The task is perhaps not the most difficult, but certainly the most interesting goal to be achieved this week. It’s also a lot of fun because we don’t have to solve any puzzles or look for treasures.

In this guide, you will learn how to find the ball and how to throw the toy so that it bounces back 15 times.

Where to find and how to use a bouncy ball

Unfortunately, the bouncy ball is not an object that you can find on the map in the game world. Toy is a reward for reaching level 26 of the Battle Carnet. Until you get the mentioned rank, you won’t get access to the ball.


When you unlock the ball, you must select it in the closet and assign it to the quick select menu. Then join a match (alone or in a team) and use it.

How to count at least 15 reflections with a bouncing ball

15 bounces may seem like a daunting task, but in fact, the virtual ball is much more alive than the counterparts that we know from the real world. The more speed you give the toy, the longer it will bounce.

There are also a few tricks to help you complete the task in the blink of an eye:

Method 1: Find a small building or room. In a small cube-shaped room, the ball will easily bounce back 15 times – from the floor, walls and ceiling. You can also build a small structure yourself.

Method 2: Find a high peak and throw the ball in its direction. The northwestern part of the volcano (in the northeastern part of the map) is better suited. Throw the toy where the grass ends and the rocks begin.

Method 3: The method of throwing the ball from a great height is surprisingly good. This could be, for example, a Rough Peak or a tower built by you or another player. Throw the toy in any direction and thanks to the high speed you can easily calculate the next bounce. You don’t even have to watch the ball – it will do the job itself.


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