Fortnite – Challenges: Search the location with the pointer on the treasure map

Season 8 is in Fortnite at its best. One of the tasks that the creator of the game has prepared for us is to find the pointer. The task consists of two stages.

First you need to find the signpost and then follow the directions to your destination. All the most important information needed to complete the task can be found below.

If you want to find the last place on your own, nothing is stopping you. You can also use our map and more tips.

Pointer and location of treasures – map

To complete the task, you must complete both steps in the correct order: first find the pointer, and then the desired treasure.

The map below shows the indicated locations:

Remember that you don’t have to rush to complete both stages in the same match. In fact, you must take part in at least two competitions, because only after the match the second, final stage is activated.

Below is more information to help you find the right places. Of course, you can try to search for places on your own using only the map above.

How to find the treasure map

As the name of the task suggests, you need to go to the Junk Crossing, or rather to the center of the named place.

You’ll find a signpost among a pile of trash, north of the main building, behind a wooden palette. Since the location can be a bit difficult to comb through, the easiest way to find a spot is to stand next to the dog kennel, on the north side of the building…


…and then look north. There should be a palette and a pointer behind it.


Stand at the pointer and use the button displayed on the screen. You will unlock the second stage of the challenge described below.

How to find treasure

The treasure map you just collected shows a huge knife and fork, so you have to look for the pieces on the ground.


A large knife and fork is etched into the ground northwest of the Ruinous Lands. Square F8 on the map.


To find the treasure, head to the lower right part of the “blade”. This place is just above ground level.


Approach the large stone and look at the dirty spot.


To complete the task, simply use the button indicated on the screen.


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