Fortnite – Challenges: Visit Pirate Camps in a Single Match

The eighth gaming season of Fortnite is in full swing, with new weekly challenges coming out every week. One of the Week 7 challenges requires players to find Pirate Camps and visit three of them in a single match.

The task, of course, is related to the theme of the season.

In this guide, we have marked all the pirate camps on the map and described the location to make it easier for you to get there.

Pirate camps – map and location

Camps are large structures made of wood. However, they cannot be confused with ordinary wooden buildings – pirate caches have a characteristic flag with an octopus.

You can find such flags in the camps.

To complete a visit to the camp, simply be near it. The easiest way to do this is to land in a hiding place immediately after jumping out of the bus.

We have marked the location of the pirate camps on the map:


Detailed camp locations

If you’re missing a map or need more help, check out the following detailed list:

One of the camps can be found in Lazy Lagoon, near the moored ship. The hideout is on a high peak, so it’s easy to spot.


The second location is located around the volcano, in the northeastern part of the map. The volcano is actually devoid of “ornaments” on the surface, so it’s easy for you to find the camp. Structure near lava.


The third is north of the hill, west of Virva. The building has 4 floors, so it is tall and easy to see.


The largest structure was located in the Oasis of Rest. Two towers rise near the ruined bridge to the northwest of the desert. It’s also not hard to see the hideout, as the area is pretty empty.


A small, lonely house on a hilltop southwest of the Ruinous Lands can still be remembered from Season 7, but the building has now undergone renovations. It is much larger and serves as a pirate camp.


You will find the next camp in the snowy part of the map, northwest of the Zemrani Mine and southwest of the Twisted Towers.


A desert lodge southwest of Pleasant Park has also been converted by pirates.



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