Fortnite Offers Peaceful Party Mode – No Kills & Mini Games

Epic Games has introduced a new Fortnite mode called Parties, designed for those looking to chill out, play a variety of mini-games, and make new friends. It offers a friendly atmosphere in which everyone lives in peace and does not kill each other, as in the usual “Battle Royale”.

At the moment, there are two maps available in the game:

  • Walnut world from fivewalnut (island code: 9705-9549-4193)
  • Late night lounge from TreyJTH (island code: 8868-0043-1912)

Users can also submit their own Party options, but they must meet several conditions. So, cards don’t have to be scary and focused on combat or dealing damage. They should allow players to express themselves through emotions, graffiti, equipment, or other mechanics, as well as facilitate social interaction.

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