Fortnite: Season 4. How to Find All the Hidden Stars in the Killer Movie Challenge

If you own the Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 Battle Pass, you won’t want to miss the Killer Movie hidden challenges. By collecting the secret stars that appear on the map, you will instantly receive an increase in the level of the battle pass. And that’s great, because when you reach the last levels of the Battle Pass, you will receive a secret reward.

Hidden stars of Killer Movie

Here’s how it works: Every week you get a set of challenges to complete. They are quite simple and usually require you to go to the location mentioned in the hint. Visit all the indicated places and the test will be completed. Weekly Challenges can be completed in any order, but there are new challenges every week during the season.

  • How to unlock the hidden Killer Movie Challenges:
    • You can get special challenges by completing all weekly challenges. A new Killer Movie challenge is available for each week of the season.
    • After completing all the standard challenges, you will see a loading screen with a picture – pay attention to the depicted location. She points you to the location of one of the hidden stars.

Week 1: Killer Movie Challenge Star Location

Everything is simple and clear here. The screenshot shows the shooting of the film, and in the background you can see the location of the star.

Go to the complex, which is located south of the Trading Post and northwest of the Sludge Bog (map coordinates: I8) – on the high fence in the northeast corner will be the first star.

Week 2: Killer Movie Challenge Star Location

Here the task is a little more difficult. Instead of the location of the star, the screenshot shows three coordinates.

Go to the western ridge south of the Gloomy Hills and west of Pleasant Park, look in the center of the squares [A3, A4, B3, B4] – where the lines intersect in the center, you will find the second star.

Week 3: Killer Movie Challenge Star Location

This screenshot shows the Battle Royale holographic map. If you look closely, you can see the star on this map.

The star is located on a secluded hill between the Fields of Perdition and the Faience Factory (coordinates on the map: F8, F9)

Week 4: Killer Movie Challenge Star Location

This week’s villainous screenshot is likely familiar to easter egg hunters. This is one of the new locations introduced in Season 4 – the rocket bunker. This is where you will find the star. Grab some wood with you and go to the villain’s lair through the missile silo, which is located northeast of the Rich Shore. Build wooden ladders to reach the top corner behind the pillar shown in the screenshot. (Coordinates: B4)


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