Fortnite will return to iOS, but in a roundabout way

Nvidia will add touchscreen support to Fortnite. Is this a Tim Sweeney win?

As you remember, Epic Games and Apple have had a protracted rodeo of lawsuits. There is only one problem – the Cupertino IT giant did not want to lose profits and allow Fortnite developers to bypass Apple services. Since then, the furious statements of Tim Cook and Tim Sweeney have ceased and iOS gamers have resigned themselves to their fate. But the manufacturer Nvidia entered the chat with its GeForce Now service.

Fortnite will return to iOS but in a roundabout way Fortnite will return to iOS, but in a roundabout way

V blog Nvidia representatives have announced that they have added touch controls for Fortnite. Of course, to play on iOS, you will have to download the web app from official site, no paid subscription required. Nvidia is promising support for Fortnite starting next week, with more touch-enabled projects coming soon.

It turns out an interesting situation – Tim Sweeney and Cook lost a lot of money, as a result, indie developers were able to pay less to Apple, only Fortnite remained on the sidelines and now he has to get to iOS gamers in a roundabout way.

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New games in GeForce Now

  • The Anacrusis
  • Supraland Six Inches Under
  • Galactic Civilizations 3
  • Ready or Not

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