Four PvPvE Action Characters Hood: Outlaws & Legends Introduced

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The developers of the multiplayer PvPvE action Hood: Outlaws & Legends have presented story trailers for four playable characters that will be available from the start. Each of them belongs to a specific class and has unique features. Nothing is known about the gameplay for these heroes, but we can find out their stories.

  • Robin Hood (Ranger) – A former outlaw leader who was respected by all who joined his group, and the townspeople saw in him a spark of hope for deliverance from government oppression. For them, Good has been the lord of the green forest for generations, helping those in need since he was considered not just a man but a legend.
  • Marianne Fitzwalter (Hunter) – She was the heiress of a large estate on Scotland’s west coast. While working in the forest collecting timber for a new engineering project, the soldiers returned to Cardross. They left the workers alive, but Marianne’s beloved father was mercilessly killed. After that, she vowed to continue striking the government whenever the opportunity presented itself, and along the way, took back her lands, which by right belong to her.
  • John Niler (Brawler) – John has always enjoyed working with his father in the Middleton Forge. Even as a child, he helped him in every possible way to enjoy the sound of a hammer hitting an anvil. As he got older, John grew stronger, which led him to Little John’s ironic nickname. Now the former blacksmith hopes that he can change his fate and strike again at the despised government, even taking on the legendary Robin Hood mantle.
  • Tuk (Mystic) – Tuk liked nothing but government and its rules-based on uniformity and obedience. One morning a prisoner was brought in for questioning, and Tuck was shocked to see his old mentor, brother Johann, in shackles, with bruises on his face and a bloody face. His every cry was like a knife to Took, but the elderly older man could not resist and quickly confessed to the false accusations put forward to him. Tuk could no longer be a part of it, so he decided to fight his way through the city gates to a place in the green forest – a place he had never been.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends will be released in 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. More information about the game will be presented at The Game Awards 2020, which starts on December 11 at 03:00 p.m. ET…

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