Fraps download torrent For PC

Fraps download torrent For PC GTA III - Criminal Organizations

Fraps download torrent

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Fraps torrent download is one of the most popular screen capture apps. And both in photo format and in video. This is one of the first programs that allows you to record video directly in the game. The application helps many gamers, streamers who create content on social networks to develop and make it even cooler and better. This software is very popular, and this fame is emphasized by its versatility.

Program features

Fraps is a fairly simple, but very necessary program for gamers. With it, you can take a screenshot or record a video. Since pictures are taken even with the help of the usual Prt Scr SysRq key on the keyboard, there is no such button with video. Therefore, you have to install additional programs for such actions. Screenshots are created in various popular formats: png, jpg, bmp, tga. It only takes a couple of gestures to create a video. Click “Record” and the video of how you play is safely recorded. A small screen will appear at the bottom, in which you will see how the recording is going. There should be no gaps, glitches, freezes. In this small screen, you can see everything related to the encodings and quality of the video file. In general, even if you are a complete “teapot”, you can still understand the program with ease. With just a few keys, you can start and stop the program. For videos and photos, there is a separate tab in which you can configure everything. A macro (hot key) is also indicated there, with the help of which the video is turned on and off, and also paused. A very important parameter is setting the number of frames per second, their execution. You need to go to “99FPS” and select the correct parameters there. By default, the values ​​will be set, but due to the lack of computer power, you will (probably) have to fix something. And in the corner of the screen, along with the recorded video, the frame rate per second and system performance will be displayed. But you can make sure that the program does not work on top of all windows and does not distract you from the game. Also, you need to deal with the sound. There are only 2 directions: multi-channel sound and stereo. Most gamers always choose stereo. You can complement the good sound with the Record Win 10 Sounds tab. Don’t forget to check this option. Download Fraps torrent and start recording videos and taking screenshots in one or two clicks.

Software processes

Among the advantages of the popular program, one can single out a very simple interface that even a beginner can figure out, as well as the very recording of video and photos. True, it must be borne in mind that the program allows you to record video or create screenshots only in games and various applications. That is, if you wanted to do such actions on the Windows desktop screen, then this will not work. This software is completely free, but there is one catch – it is distributed only in English. Although, there are extremely few settings, so there should not be any problems with this either. Another plus is the choice of specific settings for images and videos. You can choose the quality, the number of frames per second, a convenient format for saving.


  • simple interface;
  • lack of Russian language;
  • extremely simple parameters;
  • video recording, picture capture;
  • format selection;
  • setting the number of frames per second;
  • work on top of all windows.

Fraps torrent download is necessary for all gamers who record videos and post their content on the Internet.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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